How I made my Journey from Beekeeper to SHAHADWALE Brand

How I made my Journey from Beekeeper to SHAHADWALE Brand

Once Upon A Time…

Everyone has a story.

When I was facing unemployment in 2000, I bought an Entrepreneurship Development magazine from a stall on the railway platform and read the earnings from beekeeping in it, then only one thing started running in my mind that I have to do beekeeping. By writing a letter to the Bhopal office of this magazine and expressing his desire to take training, he trained me by holding a three-day training camp in Alwar, Rajasthan. A few days later, by chance, two brothers Dinesh Nagta and Ramesh Nagta ji from Roharu town of Himachal Pradesh came to see the side of mustard crop for beekeeping in my village. We got their bee boxes kept in our farm and started taking training. In two months we learned almost all the work. In 2002, 59 bee boxes were purchased from Hathras with a partner from Himachal. With constant hard work, soon there were 250 boxes alone. Then we started working in partnership with our friends and delivered up to 1200 boxes. Had to leave the partnership once again. Then set up a honey factory with a partner in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, which we could not run and had to suffer a lot. Then insisted on beekeeping and this time my son Yash Vardhan Yadav joined me in this beekeeping after graduation and supported me shoulder to shoulder. Now I was living a little free, so my friend advised that why not start selling your honey under your own brand name. Then registered the brand of honey SHAHADWALE and started selling our beehive natural and raw bee products. After learning Beekeeping from me some unemployed youth are now doing beekeeping, who are earning very well themselves and have also given many treasury jobs. After coming into this business, there is also an opportunity to travel from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Got the opportunity to meet many people, understand many languages ​​and cultures.


Now i Made my Journey from Shop to Digital with SHAHADWALE Brand

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