"SHAHADWALE: Your Source for 100% Pure, Natural Honey Bee Products"


  • At the heart of our existence lies a deep reverence for the intricate world of honeybees and the remarkable gifts they bestow upon us. We are not merely manufacturers; we are stewards of nature's delicate balance, harnessing the wisdom of bees to bring you a symphony of natural wonders.

  • Our journey is one of unwavering commitment to the purity and vitality of honeybee products. Nestled within our offerings are treasures that range from the golden elixir of floral honey to the wondrous creations of wax, the life-enriching essence of pollen, the protective potency of propolis, and the very homes from which these miracles emerge – our beehives.

  • As custodians of life's vital pollinators, we extend our embrace to the world of agriculture, offering our beehives for rent, a symbiotic dance that nurtures both our ecosystems and the sustenance we draw from them. Pollination, the delicate choreography that ensures the continuity of life, is a service we are honored to facilitate.

  • But it is in the enchanting realm of honey that our essence truly thrives. Just as each blossom holds its own story, so too does each variety of our 16 floral honeys. Born from the nectar of diverse crops, trees, and herbs, these honeys are a testament to the artistry of nature herself. Their hues, tastes, and aromas weave a tapestry of sensory delights that invite you to explore the mosaic of flavors nature has painted.

  • Yet, our commitment to preserving the sanctity of honey goes beyond appearance and taste. We adhere to the ancient rhythms that have guided bees for eons. With utmost respect for their alchemical processes, we abstain from heating, processing, or micro-filtering our honey. The nectar, transformed into liquid gold by the bees' diligent craftsmanship, remains untouched by human intervention. This unwavering dedication ensures that the honey you savor holds within it the pure essence of nature's bounty.

  • In this pristine state, our honey unfurls its Ayurvedic properties, offering a harmonious convergence of taste and wellness. Ayurveda, the timeless science of holistic well-being, finds a partner in our honey – a partner that brings not just nourishment, but a symphony of flavors and potential benefits that resonate with the rhythms of your body.

  • So, who are we? We are guardians of tradition, champions of nature's rhythm, and alchemists of the hive. We are a testament to the wisdom that nature whispers, the dance of bees, and the symphony of flavors that only the purest honey can compose. We are more than manufacturers; we are the custodians of nature's melody, and our products are the harmonious notes that resonate with your senses and well-being.


  • At our core, we are dedicated artisans of nature, curators of the delicate dance between honeybees and the world they inhabit. Our purpose is to bring you a harmonious selection of honeybee natural products that encapsulate the essence of their creation while fostering sustainability and well-being.

  • Floral Honey: Our offerings encompass a diverse array of 16 distinct floral honey varieties. Each of these precious nectars is a result of the bees' diligent foraging from an eclectic spectrum of crops, trees, and herbs. The resulting honeys are a testament to the tapestry of nature's bounty, encompassing a symphony of colors, tastes, and aromas that celebrate the unique character of each bloom.

  • Wax: The wax produced by our industrious bees holds a place of honor in our repertoire. It is a testament to their tireless efforts, serving as both their habitat's foundation and an essential ingredient in countless creations, from cosmetics to candles.

  • Pollen: The pollen gathered by our diligent bees carries with it the very essence of life's renewal. Rich in nutrients and vitality, it adds a touch of nature's vitality to your daily routines, whether enjoyed as a supplement or as an ingredient in culinary creations.

  • Propolis: The guardians of the hive create a potent elixir known as propolis. This remarkable substance serves as a shield against microbial invaders within their sanctuary. It is a testament to the bees' remarkable ability to harness nature's gifts for protection and well-being.

  • Beehives for Rent: Our commitment extends beyond products; we are stewards of pollination, facilitating the delicate partnership between honeybees and the plants they serve. By offering our beehives for rent, we actively contribute to the flourishing of ecosystems and the sustenance of crops.

  • Preservation of Nature's Wisdom: In our journey, we adhere to an unwavering commitment: we honor the ancient processes that bees have followed for millennia. We do not disrupt the natural transformation of nectar into honey. There is no heat, no extensive processing, no micro-filtering. What emerges is honey in its purest, most authentic form – a testament to the alchemical processes of the hive.

  • Ayurvedic Harmony: Our honey, untouched by human intervention, holds within it the potential for Ayurvedic wellness. This timeless science of holistic living finds resonance in our honey's natural state, allowing it to harmonize with your well-being.

  • Our essence is one of respect for the intricate rhythms of nature, reverence for the bees' labor, and a commitment to providing you with products that carry the pure essence of their creation. Through each jar of honey, each piece of wax, and every contribution to pollination, we endeavor to cultivate a relationship with nature that is as enriching as the honey that graces your table.


Why We Are Exceptional


At Kalki Agro Foods, we take immense pride in our approach to beekeeping and the quality of our beekeeping products. Here's why we stand out:

Dedicated Beekeepers: We are passionate beekeepers who not only sell bee products but also deeply understand the art and science of beekeeping.

Harvesting Excellence: We believe in patience and precision. Our honey is harvested from our beehives only when the bees have meticulously sealed it in their honeycomb, ensuring its natural purity.

Environmental Consciousness: We are committed to preserving the well-being of our bees and the purity of our honey. We migrate and establish our beehives away from polluted areas, typically near forested regions where nature thrives.

Proximity to Nature: Our beehives are strategically located near forested areas, allowing our bees to forage on diverse flowers, resulting in honey with distinctive flavors that reflect the beauty of nature.

Food-Grade Equipment: Ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety is paramount to us. That's why we use food-grade equipment throughout the beekeeping process, from honey production to storage.

Raw and Unprocessed: Our honey is truly raw and unprocessed. We never subject it to heat, processing, or micro-filtration, preserving its natural goodness and nutritional benefits.

Pure and Natural: Our honey is a testament to nature's purity. It is sourced naturally from different flowers, without any artificial flavors, colors, or odors. Each drop encapsulates the essence of the flowers.

SHAHADWALE Quality: SHAHADWALE is synonymous with top-notch honey, catering to discerning consumers who prioritize quality. With over two decades of experience in the industry since 2002, we have established a strong presence in Behror, Rajasthan.

A Bounty of Flavors: Currently, we offer an impressive selection of 16 types of floral honey, each meticulously crafted by bees from the nectar of different crops, trees, and herbal plants.

The Ayurvedic Touch: Natural honey not only exhibits a spectrum of colors but also boasts unique tastes, aromas, and Ayurvedic properties. We do not tamper with its natural form, ensuring it provides complete Ayurvedic benefits.

Discover SHAHADWALE: Your source for 100% pure, organic, and locally sourced bee products. From natural floral honey to raw honey, beeswax, bee pollen, and bee raw propolis, our offerings reflect the true essence of Alabama's finest. We take pride in delivering nature's purest bounty, free from additives. Whether you're looking for wholesale or retail options, experience the difference with SHAHADWALE.

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